Learn How to Make Money Using Facebook

Have you always wanted to know how to make money on Facebook? OK, so you’ve been looking for ways to make money on Facebook. First I’m going to go over some simple must-do marketing tactics you must implement first to position yourself properly.

To start, you need a Facebook page. There are all different categories as to how you can market yourself so choose one based on what you are offering or selling towards the types of people you want to attract.

The most important price of real estate is your profile picture. DO NOT put a picture of you partying. However, you may not want to be totally stuffy either.

Under your profile picture, always put on your blog or website first if you have one. This will allow them to click to see what else you have going on and it will help to generate traffic to your website if you have one. You must be consistent and active on Facebook.

Try for 3 updates per day; morning, noon, evening (but not too late or no one will see it). When you are pitching your product or service, be sure to tell them what it will do for them (= value) and what to do next (= call to action). People need to be told the next step.

How to make money on Facebook!

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is selling a company or person products. When applied correctly, you can create multiple sources of income. Apply it on Facebook in the images that reside at the top of your page, be sure to put an image of the product or service along with your affiliate link in the description.

You can also post comments and share the value of the product to generate buzz and get sales. People spend countless hours going through Facebook photo galleries, so pump it up with some valuable and profitable images and links. That how to make money on Facebook.

Facebook Landing Page:

Create a Facebook landing page with a value-add offer that a new fan will see and will need to click “Like” (becoming a new fan). You can also choose to have them opt-in in order to gain access to the offer (thus, gaining you new leads which is building your email list).

Facebook Ads & Sponsored Stories:

These are great ways to get new fans, get new leads and sell products. You must be very creative with your marketing copy as you are limited to characters. These are PPC (pay per click) advertisements that you can essentially get down to pennies per click. I always recommend doing PPC vs Impressions. For Sponsored Stories, there is up to a 2-week delay before your page fans are updated on your ad create flow.

Niche Marketing:

If you don’t currently have a company or service, you can get into ‘Niche Marketing’. Niche Marketing is finding a topic (i.e., travel to a specific island, juicing for health, the best organic skin care products, etc….) and marketing specifically to that niche.

Network Marketing:

I’m sure you didn’t expect to see this item in the mix. Facebook is covered with network marketers that spam their products and company the incorrect way. This is clearly not how to make money on Facebook.

You need to be generating leads daily if you want a strong, profitable business. Learn how to build your business on the internet without chasing friends, family, or the landscaper. Learn how to make money on Facebook.

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